Shelter Dog That Was About To Be Euthanized Reaches Out Her Paw To Ask For Help

Young couples just starting out usually adopt a dog as their first step together in marriage. Jon Patel and his wife Kayla weren’t sure yet if they wanted a dog. But one day Jon decided to stop by a local shelter in Jackson, Tennessee just to look.

It was the typical sight, Jon said “There was a bunch of pit bulls and cats there, and the dogs were barking and jumping up on the cages.”

All except one young little pittie, she wasnt’ jumping or barking…that caught Jon’s eye immediately.

“She was just sitting there very calmly while the other dogs were barking their heads off,” Jon said. “So I went over to her cage, and she stuck her little paw out, and when I reached my hand down, she stuck her little paw out through the cage, and I grabbed it. After that, I called Kayla and said, ‘We’ve got to get this dog.’”

The couple learned from the volunteers that her former owners surrendered her because she wasn’t “cute” any longer.

A lot of poeple get dogs thinking they will stay little and cute forever.  They don’t realize that the puppies grow up they also require some time to train. This is exactly what happened to her.

“Once she grew out of being a puppy, they just abandoned her there,” Jon said.

She was scheduled to be put down the same day Jon visited the shelter.  Jon was panicked he didn’t know what to do. He called Kayla and explained what was going to happen to her.  The couple agreed it was not a coincindence that Jon was there.  Now Jon had to convince the shelter to keep her till Monday when he could pick her up.

“They said that if we didn’t come Monday, they would have to put her down,” Jon said. “She’s only a year old, and if they put her down, it would have been such a waste of life.”

The Patels returned as promised and their new pit bull was on her way to her new home.  Ellie, is what the Patels  named her, was in heaven.

“As soon as I brought her into the door, she was just running all over the apartment, jumping on the bed, jumping on the couch,” Jon said.

Ellie has since relaxed and is enjoying her new life filled with all her favorite things: sleeping, playing with balls and following her humans everywhere they go.

“She won’t let you out of her sight — ever,” Kayla said. “Even if you creep out of the room … she’s coming after you because she wants to keep her eye on you. I think she just loves us and she wants to be near us all the time.”

Her new favorite thing is BUBBLES.  Kayla brought some home just to see how she would react and she loved it.

There is only one thing negative about Ellie’s adoption…

That is people’s negative reactions to her. Pit Bulls often times get a bad rap.  Owners get sideway glances or whispers as they pass by.  Even worse yet is when people just cross to the other side of the street when they see her coming.

he’s a lover not a fighter as you can see.

The Patels can’t imagine life without Ellie and the couple has never regretted their decision to adopt her.  They are over the moon about her.

“I just love her personality, and I love being around her, playing with her and roughhousing with her,” John said. “She’s so loving and sweet and happy all of the time.”

Do you agree that Pit Bulls are often judged and treated unfairly?  Share with all your friends to raise awareness for Pit Bulls.

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