Senior Dog Grabs His Leash And Takes Off – Owners In Tears When They See Where He Leads Them

Cheddar is an adorable golden retriever who has been able to enjoy a rather nice life over the past few years. He has spent eight years residing with the same family and this family loved him very much. Unfortunately, his excellent existence was shaken up when one of his owners received a cancer diagnosis. The family was no longer able to care for him in the manner that he was accustomed to.

They were forced to place him up for adoption and as you may have expected, he was able to find a new forever home rather quickly. His owners discovered that he had a behavioral trait that he could not seem to shake, though. There are certain animals who seem to enjoy innate connections with various humans and Cheddar is one of them. Just ask his new neighbor.

No one can seem to explain the connection that Cheddar has to his new neighbor. He clearly has special feelings for this man and the connection that they share is an adorable one. The bond was formed during one of Cheddar’s typical walks around the neighborhood. When his new family stopped by the neighbor’s house to say hello, Cheddar and Jean struck up an immediate friendship.

The pup decided that he was not going to leave her side and the two became pals almost instantly. Cheddar does not let a day go by without demanding to see his new buddy and we cannot say that we blame him. He knows that life is short and that all of these moments are precious ones. If he does not get to see Jean each day, he throws one heck of a hissy fit.

This is one senior dog who has been around long enough to know how to get what he wants. No one can seem to figure out how this love affair began but Cheddar clearly sees something in this woman that he treasures. He has learned the street that they live on and he knows exactly how to get there. If he is kept away from Jean, he will tug and pull until he gets his way.

The bond that these two have built is an unspoken one that cannot be broken for any reason. If you would like to hear more about their awesome friendship, be sure to take a moment to check out the video below.

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