Scientists scanned a 1000-year-old statue and discover the inexplainable inside


Ancient artifacts offer us a chance to learn more about older cultures and their ways of life, but when this ancient statue was scanned recently, an astonishing discovery was made. While this may appear to be a typical Buddha statue from the 1100 AD period, its contents will definitely surprise even the most jaded of historical observers.

Can you believe that the remains of a Buddhist from ancient China were found inside of the statue? Before the statue was placed in a Netherlands museum for exhibition, a full CT scan was performed and the ancient monk’s remains that were found inside provided a stunning moment for all parties involved.


The remains are thought to belong to a man who was known as a Buddhist master. His name was Liuquan and he was a member of the Chinese Meditation School. In addition to the discovery of the monk itself, the researchers also made an additional discovery that was equal parts shocking and alarming.

All of the monk’s vital organs had been removed and scraps of paper that contained ancient Chinese characters were found in their place. It is even believed that Liuquan may have chosen to mummify his own body, as this was common practice during the time period.


There are old records of Buddhist monks deciding to starve themselves to death and make themselves into mummies willingly. Liuquan is the first of his kind, however, and to date, this is the only statue of its type that has ever been found and scanned for further study.

This unusual discovery is something that you will want to share with all of your friends and family members, so be sure to pass it along as soon as possible. The history buffs in your life are sure to appreciate the opportunity to find out more about this very interesting artifact.

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