People Wearing Ripped Jeans In The Sun Have A Really Bad Time This Summer

The summer is my favorite time of the year. We wait all winter long for the weather to break and then, when it gets warm outside, we head outside as well. Our summer days are full of fun in the sun but along with all of the fun, we need to recognize that there can be problems as well. Some of those problems can even sneak up on you, and that is the case with sunburn.

I think all of us have experienced a sunburn at some time in our lives. We are just outside having a grand time and before we know it, we are as red as a beet. By the time evening rolls around, the chills and pain start and eventually, our skin peels away. This has always been a problem for those who venture out in the sun too long but thanks to the popularity of ripped jeans, the problem has taken an unusual turn.

The ripped jeans fashion has been around for quite some time and ever since it came about, people have been suffering. Most of them have suffered in silence but a few brave souls have come forward to make us all aware of just how much this fashion trend can impact their lives. They are sharing pictures and, embarrassment aside, they are enlightening the world.

It looks like she got mauled by a saber-toothed tiger.

So what is a person to do? Should they ignore the fashion world and wear *gasp* whole jeans? Nah! Let’s just keep wearing our ripped jeans and show the battle scars on Twitter like a boss.

The red battle scars you are now wearing are a clear indication that you thumb your nose at society (and common sense). Come what may, we shall wear ripped jeans.

If only there was some type of cream we could put on our skin to keep it from frying like bacon. Oh well, maybe they’ll invent it next year.

Perhaps you might need to wear shorts tomorrow to even out the tan.

But, who wants to wear shorts when we can wear ripped jeans. It’s a much bolder fashion statement.

But I digress. There are always going to be fashion trends. You can either choose to love them or hate them. I’m sure there is one thing we can all agree on, however. The fact that we have sunburns.

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