Mom Welcomes ‘Normal’ Baby But He Is Actually A Miracle That Happens 1 In 48 Million Births

Anytime a baby is born, its a reason to celebrate  The birth is a milestone for the parents and the little miracle which they created.  When preparing for the joyous occasion mom to be usually prepares the nursery, stocks up on diapers puts the crib together and makes numerous decisions about the birth.  Will she have pain meds, does she want to use a yoga ball, what will she wear and did she pack the overnite bag.  The only thing that isn’t in her control is the day the little bundle arrives.  This is the day when everyone’s excitement is sky high and they are all waiting on pins and needles for the announcement.

For family in Chicago, couldn’t have planned the birth of their baby any better then how it happened.

When Baby Aiden  was born he was one in 48 million babies born this way, but what was so special about his birth.

He was born at 11:02 a.m. on Feb. 6 weighing six pounds, 15 ounces. He measured 20 inches in length. But it was his actual birthdate that made this story go viral.  Aiden was born not just on his mommy’s  birthday, but also on his grandmother’s  birthday too.

Nadine Hugmeyer , Aidan’s Grandma told Baby Aiden while  he was still inside her daughters belly that he needed to wait to be born on his mom Kyrsten Moran’s birthday.  Then he would continue the pattern. Now it appears that he listened to his grandma.  Nurses Diane Leonard and Amita Health were there when Aiden was born said she “never heard of this happening before. “We ran out and bought a cake and staff sang to the trio “Happy Birthday.”

Grandma Nadine said “I think it was meant to be.” Mom Kyrsten agreed that it “had to be on purpose.”

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