Girl’s Skin Begins To Harden And 18 Years Later Turns Her Into A Living Porcelain Doll

Shirley Alvarez is a native of Queens, New York and she has an incredible story to tell. She started off her life as most children do. She was a little ball of energy who loved to dance and play. All of that would soon change, though. A systemic scleroderma diagnosis would alter her life in a major way. It is an autoimmune disease that causes major changes to take place.

As you might have expected, Shirley was taken aback by the diagnosis. The child felt rather sorry for herself. Her soft tissue started to harden and her physical appearance was affected. The condition progressed rather quickly. It only took a few weeks for her appearance to change dramatically. She also lost the ability to walk on her own and was forced to begin using a wheelchair in order to get around.

Her skin became harder to the touch and this is what gave her the appearance of a real, live doll. It was at this time that she hit her lowest point. Shirley began to feel sorry for herself and to be quite honest, who could possibly blame her? Just imagine how it would feel to go from being a carefree child to being forced to deal with a rare medical condition overnight.

When she reached her lowest ebb, she even asked herself what she could have possibly done to deserve such a fate. What could she have done differently? Eventually, she realized that there was little to be done and that pity was not going to be the answer to all of her problems. Shirley decided that it was time to stop moping and start living once again.

Shirley had begun to feel as if she was a prisoner of her own body and this is not a feeling that we would wish on even our worst enemy. To express the pain of how she was feeling, she came up with an idea that was rather obvious in retrospect. She decided to use a doll. While we do not wish to spoil the surprise that is in store for those who watch the video below, we do urge you to take time out to watch it immediately.

She is doing her best to showcase her strength. The persona that she is responsible for creating will provide inspiration to those who are dealing with similar issues. Shirley deserves all of the credit in the world for dealing with these problems and maintaining the proper demeanor. This is one woman who is not going to be kept down!

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