This adorable puppy had his legs and arms chopped off before being dumped in the woods

The country of Turkey has often found itself embroiled in animal rights related controversies. There are far too many reports about animal cruelty taking place in this country and animal rights activists are taking a stand. They believe that the current punishments that are being levied are not strict enough. Thanks to their efforts, these issues are finally being debated publicly.

For many residents of this country, the issue has finally become too great to ignore because of a recent story about an adorable puppy that was made to suffer. The puppy was located in the woods without its tail or its legs. Once the puppy was rescued from the forest, subsequent attempts to save the animal’s life with surgery were unsuccessful.

According to President Tayyip Erdogan, local police officers have been able to locate the party who is responsible for what took place. This information was shared during an election rally. Once this cruelty became public knowledge, it would become one of the most important issues on the agenda before the aforementioned election. We would like to take this time to warn readers about potentially unsettling imagery that may be included in this article.

The shocked reactions that came pouring in from around the country let the Turkish government know that it was time for a change. While all of the candidates who had been running for election had been engaging in the typical trading of barbs over the past few months, this horrific incident caused them all to drop these antics and come together.

Times like these remind us of the importance of unity. There is no reason why such brutality should ever take place against a defenseless and tiny animal. President Erdogan is looking to win a second term and is promising that the laws against animal cruelty are going to be changed sooner rather than later. The animal rights organizations who have been fighting back believe that these are changes that needed to be made a long time ago.

A new bill has already been proposed and it has been slammed by these activists as a “license to kill”. We can only hope that the right decisions are made going forward so that more animals in Turkey do not have to suffer in the same manner that this dog was forced to. Please share this story as a means of spreading awareness about what is taking place.

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